About JAC

About JAC

Japan Academic Association For Copyright Clearance (JAC) is a management business operator registered by Agency for Cultural Affairs under the Copyright Law of Japan (Registration Number 02004).

We manage and administer intellectual property and deal with copyrights on behalf of academic Organizations. We work as Collective Management Organizations acting in the interest and on behalf of the owners of rights.

We are member of International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO), and we have bilateral agreements with countries around the world which means content users can copy from publications published in 33 international territories.


JAC’s mission is to contribute to the development of academic societies by making it easy for our users to get and use content worldwide as obtaining permission to use copyrighted works is complicated, while protecting the legitimate interests of rightsholders.

We mainly represent the rightsholders’ reproduction rights in academic related works and grant licenses. Our licensing revenue is distributed to rightsholders we represent after deduction of predetermined administration fees.

Organizational Structure

JAC is incorporated association which is organized by 5 member associations with Board of Directors. We currently have 5 member Organizations – The Japan Federation of Engineering Societies (JFES), Japan Association for Dental Science (JADS), Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies (AJASS), The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ) and The Japan Association of Medical Sciences (JAMS).


Yousuke SEYAMA

Chief Director, Japan Medical Abstracts Society

Vice President


Secretary General, The Federation of Engineering Societies

Executive Director

Katsuyuki TAKEUCHI

Japan Academic Association For Copyright Clearance

Officer's Bio

Dr. Yousuke Seyama, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Yousuke Seyama, a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and a professor emeritus at Ochanomizu University, was named the President of Japan Academic Copyright Clearance (JAC) on June 2017.

After graduation from the University of Tokyo’s School of Medicine in 1965, Dr. Seyama had started to serve as a professor at the University of Tokyo’s School of Medicine, Ochanomizu University, and Sugiyama Jyogakuen University. Besides such teaching position, he also had served as a visiting professor at National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE) from 2004 to 2012.
In 2010, Dr. Seyama was appointed the President of Japan Medical Abstracts Society (JAMAS) which offering information of the medical studies in Japan through the online bibliographic database, “Ichu-shi Web."

Besides concurrently serving as a visiting professor at Tokyo Healthcare University from 2013, Dr. Seyama served as the Chairman of Japan Reproduction Rights Center (JRRC), the Director of International Medical Information Center, and the Chairman of Medical Terminology Management Committee of the Japanese Association of Medical Science.

From June 2017, Dr. Seyama took office as the Representative Director of JAC and has reached today.



Founded as Academic Association Copyright Council.


Registered as a management business operator under the Law on Management Business of Copyright and Neighboring rights at Agency for Cultural Affairs.Became an associate RRO Member of IFRRO.


Reorganized into limited liability intermediary corporation, Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance.


Became an official RRO Member of IFRRO.


Renamed to general incorporated association, Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance with the reform of law by Government of Japan.

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